Our Team
You’ll see him before you hear him and, knowing how loud he can be, it’s fair to say that the big man is something of an experience! Following a thirteen-year globetrotting rugby career Chris hung up his boots to join the sales team at the Exeter Chiefs. Six years driving continual growth for the market leader was enough for the self-proclaimed yeti, and he now leads the sales side of our merry band. As the saying goes, "If you want to sell you have to tell"; There aren’t many better storytellers than our resident philosophy graduate. Loves – Telling everyone how good he was, moaning about back fat and trying to be less like Alan Partridge.
Starting work at 5, our 'leader' Faye has twenty years of acumen under her very small belt (her words)!! From bottom up, she rose to take over the reins in the family automotive firm, running a business of seventy employees and over £6 million turnover. (She only sold up to realise her parents’ retirement, so you can rest assured she is a good egg too)! From this experience Faye intimately understands the challenges faced in commerce at all levels and how to overcome them. For one so well versed in the business of business, her relaxed and assured demeanour is a refreshing change for such a fast lane operator! Loves – Her Chihuahuas, quirky light fittings and reading angry people from local newspapers.