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So how do you meet new people and encourage more business without attending the cringeworthy networking events of old? BY NOTWORKING!

Mixing business and pleasure is something we’ve always done as a company, and it’s worked really bloody well for us. So, we thought we’d take the plunge and create a networking event that we’d want to go to.

With a strict no pitching rule, a decent venue and the right kind of people, the Notworking Networking Club was born. From a standing start and minimal promotion, over 100 Exeter business people with a similar mindset joined the inaugural event in November 2018. The appetite to notwork has grown from there and it’s fair to say, a movement has begun.

If like us, you enjoy some proper Devon hospitality amid like-minded professionals, come and make new friends in the knowledge that the business will come.

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Take a peek at some photos from our previous Notworking Networking events. You might see yourself, your friends, your mum – or even your friend’s mum…

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Notworking Networking events are a great way to present your business in a new light. We’ve got a selection of sponsorship packages to suit your budget.

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