iPlay is the latest addition to the Exeter Sports Academy, which was launched by local entrepreneur Ben Cheriton in 2014. An upmarket Soft Play area that offers a great experience for children, and an equally pleasant one for parents, iPlay sits under the ESA umbrella alongside well-established brands such as iBounce.
Case Study

With some mock-ups of the interior and a great brief from Ben, we set to work on concepts for the new brand, to include strap lines, copy lines, web design and example ad campaigns. Ben’s brief was clear from the start. He wanted to create a soft play experience that would appeal to parents, and as such, wanted to avoid the obvious childlike branding that adorns the vast majority of soft play businesses. It did, however, have to appeal to children, tip the cap to the ice age and Jurassic theme and, complement the existing iBounce brand.

This project was a real challenge and we loved every minute. We can't wait to see how the iPlay brand grows and get our teeth into Ben's expansion plans.