Monkeys and Rhinos is a creative and engaging program that delivers effective results at personal, team, leadership and organisational levels.
Case Study
We were approached by M&R to create their identity, sub brands and a very simple website to communicate their service offering.

Their unique profiling model uses animal types as a descriptor for personality types in the workplace. We created the distinctive M&R identity, with sub brands for the different 'animal' types, each with their own colour; part of a palette that is complimentary.

Whilst we typically build and maintain our websites in wordpress, M&R needed their website to be built on a platform they could easily manage and maintain themselves; with with no knowledge or experience of web maintenance.

We opted for an off-the-shelf 'wix' site for this purpose. We chose a template and built the site on behalf of our client and then showed them how to very easily maintain it.