When did you last ask why?
Despite my less than geeky appearance, I am a true geek at heart and love nothing more than exploring the latest tech. This comes in pretty handy with technology clients in the fold and this week I’ve been getting my geek on with software; business management software to be precise. I’ve been looking at ways to tighten sales processes for two of our clients. They both want to improve how they operate, (albeit very differently) and I’ve been tasked to identify how we can achieve this with some changes to their software. When I’m doing an exercise like this it reminds [...]
“Can you top up my thumb?”
Picture the scene… We’re sat at SB HQ and Claire’s son George walks in with this request. Now I consider myself down with the kids, but admit to being somewhat removed from the day to day life of a kid at secondary school. George was in fact talking about his dinner money, (you know, the money that used to buy you sweets instead of dinner)! Anyway, it’s all done via an online account and he’s identified through fingerprint technology – SILLY ME! As I’ve already admitted, I am a massive fan of tech, but this new wave of cashless payment is [...]