When did you last ask why?

Despite my less than geeky appearance, I am a true geek at heart and love nothing more than exploring the latest tech.

This comes in pretty handy with technology clients in the fold and this week I’ve been getting my geek on with software; business management software to be precise.

I’ve been looking at ways to tighten sales processes for two of our clients. They both want to improve how they operate, (albeit very differently) and I’ve been tasked to identify how we can achieve this with some changes to their software.

When I’m doing an exercise like this it reminds me of just how important it is to keep questioning how and why we do things. It’s amazing how many people can’t answer the question when you pose it. That in itself is enough to realise it’s time for a review.

We’ve all been guilty of popping in a system or procedure and waiting until it breaks before we review it. But what if it never breaks? How we worked in 2010 is very different in 2017, and with the way tech is progressing there are huge leaps and opportunities to improve how we now work year on year.

So the next time you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, take them with a member of your team and ask the question. You’ll either be super chuffed that all’s well in the world or find something you can do better.

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