Existentialism, a plump belly and marketing!

As I hurtle towards 40 years on earth I’m having something of an existential crisis. The metabolism is slowing down and the party lifestyle is taking its toll. With the summer wardrobe now in full effect and holidays on the horizon, I’m in a constant panic about over exposure of the muffin top, moobs and general adipose tissue (fat for the uneducated), that seems to have laid claim to my midriff!

For the first time I can empathise with the sufferance of the fairer sex, as images from love island, fitness gurus and diet guides tend to dominate my social feed. Toned abs are the standard by which I must compare my ‘melted wheelie bin’ body and I must admit to feeling the pinch, both physically and mentally! With all this pressure I, like so many others, find myself searching for the magic bullet to help shed the pounds and get myself back into the shape that I was a bit happier with during my sporting days.

Intermittent fasting, Paleo, Atkins, 5:2, Slimfast, lighter life, raw, the list of options is endless and I’ve certainly tried a few over the last few years, only to fall over after initial success or, more likely, I just fancied a mars bar! I most certainly have an emotional connection to my food and it’s been a staple in celebration ‘let’s got out for tea’ or commiseration, ‘only chocolate can solve this’, for as long as I remember.

The training has never been a problem for me, I’m more than happy to have a good blast on the rower, bike and swim. The nineteen stone frame does preclude the obvious run but, with a hard hours session being offset by a few mini dime bars (damn you Ikea)! it’s the kitchen where I need the discipline. And that’s the rub. If it was easy, everyone would have a great body.

Sadly, there is no magic bullet or miracle cure. Its dedication and commitment that reaps the rewards. Yes, there are a few anomalies but the basic tenant that holds fast; eating real food in regular size portions consistently and being honest with yourself will see things start to work out.

This can be very similar in the world of marketing, there are many who extol a magic fix or wonder moves for fast-track results. They may get them for a short time but very, very rarely see consistent success. Staying the course, and ultimately succeeding, comes down to getting the plan right and working at it consistently and henceforth.

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