One year on…

Although SMITHKIN BAKER has been in existence a little bit longer, we are officially one year old this month. What a year it has been! Consistent growth, a few new clients and a third member of the team marrying the second (that’s Faye and I). It paints a very positive picture, and we’re all enjoying the ride. Perhaps even more of a positive has been our very high client retention rate, which goes someway to ensuring we are doing a top job!

After 20 years solely focused on professional sport, working intimately with a wide range of clients has been something of an eye opener for yours truly. What has become very apparent is that business is business regardless of the product or proposition. Techniques that worked in one arena can be equally effective in another, and it pays not to confuse things by over complicating.

‘Confuse to lose’ was a saying my old man always used back when he was running his own agency in the eighties, and it’s funny how the maxim still rings true today. By keeping things relatively simple we are consistently able to add to the bottom line for those we are working with.

Anyways, before I get too het up banging our drum I need to draw this annual review to a close by pointing out that if you are intrigued by the SB blueprint, and are keen to engage with a winning team, we can’t help… At least not just now – we’re fully booked! But, if you are serious about thinking big! – and getting tangible results, we can get have a meeting and look to schedule some work in the not too distant…

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