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Faye and I were working independently, as ‘Claire Baker Design’ & ‘Faye Allyn Small Consultancy’ respectively. We would bring each other in on larger projects, which became an increasingly regular occurrence. Then one day it occurred to us that we should collaborate and form a business partnership together.

Hey presto! SMITHKIN BAKER was born!

If only it was that easy! We set about the same arduous process that we have helped so many others with over the years…Name? A tricky one indeed! Not only should the name be a true reflection of us, it should also sound professional, be timeless and oh, the domain must be available too!

Brainstorm sessions ensued. Long, painful, headache-inducing hour upon hour…If we thought of a great name, guaranteed there was absolutely no domain available, not even by adding to it or changing it in some way.

Finally we hit on the name (which we love by the way, so don’t dis it)! ‘Smith’ (our maiden name), ‘Kin’ (we’re sisters), ‘Baker’, (my surname – which happens to have a pretty good reputation attached to it – in all things ‘design’ at least)!

The image was easy! Given that this is what I ‘do’ – it was the easiest part!


The business was registered, the domain purchased and off we went. Only we didn’t quite manage to get our own image and website launched, because guess what? We got clients! Yes, clients, with no website of our own and not even a business card between us! Shocking behaviour for a company of our ilk, but our reputation is such that we were able to service new clients and continue to service existing ones whilst we both ran down our respective businesses.

2016 was a busy old year for us, so busy in fact, our own website and marketing had to take a back seat…

See what we got up to


And so now here we are, in June 2017, finally launching SMITHKIN BAKER to the world.

Hello World!

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