“Chris what’s the USP?” I decided this was a perfect prompt to dig a bit deeper and write my first blog about what differentiates SMITHKIN BAKER from the maddening crowd so, without further ado, let’s have a more personal look at the unique selling proposition of SMITHKIN BAKER…

As a family unit we are certainly a different to most. Sisters and a husband / brother-in-law could have all the makings of disaster but, once you get to know any or all of us, you’ll realise we perfectly compliment one another’s skills. The familial bond means that we move quickly in getting things done and, by keeping it bijou in nature means we are the people you deal with. There is no delegation to junior staff, it’s our expertise all the way.

Expertise I hear you say, well yes, we’re all pretty good at what we do, and I don’t mind proclaiming ‘toot toot’ as I blow our trumpet! Look at our pretty faces and you may struggle to appreciate we have nigh on fifty years of combined experience in design, marketing and sales. From Faye facing the challenges of running an 70-employee business to Claire dealing with multinational brands to my managing just shy of £4 million per annum sales and presenting to 600 guests regularly, we’ve been there.

With my sporting background I do like the term ‘an extra pair of hands’ but that is what we want to be. Indeed, we can cover pretty much any part of the business process but at the same time we want to complement your team. We want to really get into what makes you and your business tick (and have NDA’s to ensure that your sensitive information doesn’t go beyond us)!

Already I’m finding invariably you get your business and your process very well but, being so commitmed its tough to get perspective and appreciation of the market place. Those around you are also in the thick of it and often can’t see the bigger picture; I think you’ll get the gist of this paragraph now…

Before I get too much into the chest thumping, an analogy, you may be familiar with the TV show of the 80’s ‘V’, if not, bear with me… For the uninitiated, aliens came down to earth and subtly tried to take over the world. At first it all went swimmingly but suspicions were there of the newcomers. Ultimately, it was revealed they were lizards and their plot was unscrupulously aiming for world domination. This resonated in my young mind and I often refer to it 30 years later! Everyone looks similar and proports to having good intentions but, if you get in deep there are a lot of lizards out there. In my former life selling for Exeter Chiefs I certainly met my share. I’m sure you know them; promising, yet not delivering, lacking in honesty and the biggest bugbear, paying late (or, in really bad cases, not at all). During my six years I saw them all and have a superb detection system for the tyre kickers, time wasters and bullshitters!

If you are considering getting into bed with SMITHKIN, (I did mention, we like to get intimate)! then do your due diligence and check us out – both with those we’ve worked with or via your networks, through the six degrees you’ll find us and know we are and do just as we say… Not lizards!!!

So, there you have it, my first blog and a decent summary of what differentiates us; a small, experienced team who work as part of your business with the sole intention of adding to your bottom line. If I were you, I’d call us!

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